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Hi, I'm Tyla. This is my face. I'm a 22 year old Canadian university student living in Toronto while I study for my degree in Biological Anthropology and Archaeological Sciences. My posts show off that I have an extremely broad range in tastes, which will be displayed amongst this mess of things. But really, mostly you'll see: movies, music, nerdy things like comic books or my geeking over my majors, and/or half naked people, sometimes with body art. Things that may be of interest: I'm a music enthusiast, sex-positive, feminist, infinitely curious, queer-friendly, intellectual individual.

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Artist: NOFX
Song: The Idiots Are Taking Over
Album: The War On Errorism

NOFX, The Idiots Are Taking Over

Posted: Saturday July 14th, 2012 at 6:57pm.
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    NOFX | The Idiots Are Taking Over
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    i have a bad feeling this song will keep being relevant for a looooong time
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